If you’ve fallen in love with a home in the country, be aware that most likely the water source is from a private well. Generally, lenders require a well certification before they will approve a mortgage. Chester County Home Inspections offers a comprehensive well certification service for your convenience. Schedule online now, or call (484) 212-1600.

What Do Well Certifications Include?

  • Inspect the electrical circuitry, tank, valves, and associated filtering systems
  • Determine the depth of the well if we can find information on the original installation
  • Inspect and report on the pump and motor if it’s visible
  • Measure the flow rate at intervals over a 2-hour period looking for changes in recovery time patterns
  • Calculate well delivery and tank draw-down
  • Report all findings with any recommendations

The minimum required supply level is 100 gallons per bedroom plus 100 gallons in two hours or less. What this means for a 4-bedroom house is 4.2 gallons of water per minute for two hours.

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Detail Oriented Well Certifications in Chester County PA

Why Choose Us?

  • Consultative inspection professionals
  • Hands-on experience as an owner of investment properties for 20+ years, completing at least five remodeling projects per year
  • Thorough, comprehensive, and detail-oriented
  • Local professional for historic and old house restoration assessments
  • Certification from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

For all your inspection needs including well certification, call Chester County Home Inspections at (484) 212-1600, or schedule online now. We serve the counties of Chester, Berks, Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Delaware. In addition to well certifications, our environmental services include radon testing and water quality testing.

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