The first year in a brand-new house is an exciting time. The frustrating wait is over as homeowners move in and explore their new surroundings. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, however, as new homes are not without their problems. Chester County Home Inspections offers a home warranty inspection to evaluate the condition of your new home. Schedule online now, or call (484) 212-1600.

100-Item Checklist

Just like our buyer and seller home inspections, we’ll cover our 100-point checklist with a few minor differences in focus:

  • Interior. We’ll focus on the picky things like nail pops, condition of appliances, ventilation, and trim.
  • Exterior. We’ll spend our time particularly inspecting the grading because in the first year of landscaping, changes occur in the land. We’ll also look for watertight seals of doors and windows because this is sometimes missed during the building process.
  • Environmental. We like to check for radon because builders don’t offer it during the building process, citing skewed results due to soil disturbances. So, builders leave it up to the owners to check for this, knowing that most won’t during the first year. It’s also important to schedule quality water testing in homes with wells, particularly those close to farms.
  • Structural. We carefully inspect for any cracks due to settling and shifting, which are more likely to happen in the first year due to soil disturbance and consequent compaction.
Home Warranty Inspection Companies Chester County PA

Be sure you enjoy your new home without regrets. Having a home warranty inspection completed can potentially save you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket repairs that may otherwise be covered. Hire the professionals at Chester County Home Inspections to assess your home, and we’ll issue you a report that you can then take to the builder for remediation.

Concerned about other issues? We also offer termite, stucco, and pool & spa inspections, as well as restoration assessments for old or historical buildings. Schedule online now, and we’ll set up your home warranty inspection or any other services you need. Call (484) 212-1600. We offer a consultative approach to inspections and serve Chester, Philadelphia, Berks, Montgomery, and Delaware Counties.

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