Every city has historic homes and buildings that have fallen into a sad state of disrepair. And every city has people that long to see history restored to its glory for a second go-round. Owner Edwin Dunckley of Chester County Home Inspections is one of those people. He has developed a reputation for being the local professional at determining restoration feasibility of old or historic homes and buildings. Schedule online now, or call (484) 212-1600.

What Do Restoration Assessments Include?

Most inspection companies don’t assess historic buildings. Buildings 100 years of age and older were constructed with techniques and mechanics that most people have never seen. Edwin, however, lives in a 200+ year-old-home and understands how to evaluate the condition of historic homes and buildings.

Our restoration assessments are comprehensive and thorough, inspecting the following:

  • Structural integrity of the building (foundation, floors, walls, roof, overhangs, exterior, windows)
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Well
  • Water quality
  • Propane, Gas, and Oil
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Decks, Patios, Entrances

Once the assessment is complete, Chester County Home Inspections issues a report that will help owners and prospective buyers to determine the feasibility of restoring the building. It includes an estimate based on experience of the ballpark costs of restoration.

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Comprehensive Inspection Services

Home Restoration Assessments Chester County PA

In addition to our regular buyer or seller home inspections, we let you customize your services by adding on one or more of our specialty inspections.

After the inspections are completed, we’ll issue you an interactive report complete with video and high-resolution photos that you can use for remediation and negotiation.

As you explore the possibilities before you, get the information you need by setting up a restoration assessment. schedule online with Chester County Home Inspections in Chester, Berks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Delaware counties, or call (484) 212-1600. We also provide buyer home inspections and seller home inspections, and specialty inspections for termites, pools and spas, and more.

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