Too many headlines have to do with the dangerous levels of lead and other contaminants in our water supply. Make certain that the water your family will be relying upon is potable and free of dangerous chemicals by hiring Chester County Home Inspections for water quality testing. Schedule online now, or call (484) 212-1600.

Water Sampling & Testing Process

At Chester County Home Inspections, we charge a set fee to administer the water sampling for the testing of your choice. Our process is as follows:

  1. We follow lab-specific protocols for clearing the lines and disinfecting the faucet from which we take the sample.
  2. We collect the water in specific containers as designated by the lab, being careful to add the water preservation tablets.
  3. We refrigerate the water prior to and during transportation to the lab.
  4. Water must be delivered within a 4-hour window of sampling for the test to be valid.
  5. When results are received from the lab, we present and interpret the results for the buyer or homeowner.

We are happy to work with both buyers and homeowners, including those who want to do well-water testing. Water quality testing can easily be added to our comprehensive buyer inspections or seller inspections as well as other specialty inspections.

Protect your family with the water quality testing services from Chester County Home Inspections. Our professional services will equip you to make confident decisions regarding home ownership. Schedule online now, or call (484) 212-1600 today. We serve the counties of Chester, Berks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Delaware. In addition to water quality, our environmental services include radon testing and well certifications.

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