If you’re buying or selling a home, you need a home inspection. Buyers need an inspection before they sign on the dotted line for their own protection. The report will point out any flaws in the house and what needs to be fixed. The buyer can then negotiate to have the seller handle remediation negotiate the price down, giving them the extra money to handle the repairs.

Sellers need a home inspection so they can find and fix any problems that might derail the sale with a potential buyer. There’s nothing worse than unpleasant surprises when you’re trying to close a deal. With a clean inspection report, you’ll be able to ask for top dollar with confidence.

Our advice is to not let this warranty expire without having a home warranty inspection completed. You would be surprised at the number of issues that pop up in the first year after a new home is built. It’s at the one-year marker that radon will raise its ugly head because the soil has been disturbed during the building process. Interior issues like nail pops, appliance defects, and trim problems can become evident. Outside we look for grading and water-tight seal issues. An inexpensive inspection can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs— if you go back to the builder before your warranty expires.

Definitely. Owner Edwin Dunckley is known for being highly experienced with old and historical homes. His own house is over 200 years old, so he understands the challenges that come with restoring older homes. He offers restoration assessments that look at the feasibility of restoration, give you an idea about whether or not to proceed with the project, what type of repairs are needed, and an estimated ballpark cost.

Yes. Chester County Home Inspections offers several specialty inspections designed just for these situations that include the following:

The short answer to that question is “no.” In the inspection industry, this is considered a breach of our code of ethics and is definitely a conflict of interest.

Home Inspection Glossary of Industry Terms