Before buying a home complete your due diligence with an inspection from Chester County Home Inspections. The facts you gain will allow you to negotiate the best price or walk away unscathed. Don’t mortgage your future to a money-draining disaster. Schedule online now, or call (484) 212-1600 today.

Other Types of Inspections in Montgomery County

Homeowners in Montgomery County often need other services such as radon testing or a termite inspection that aren’t always included in regular home inspections. We can schedule the following services:

Home Inspections Montgomery County PA

We like to remind owners of brand-new homes to schedule a home inspection before their one-year warranty expires. It’s surprising the number of flaws and defects that pop up around the 12-month mark. We frequently find potentially expensive problems that are covered under the one-year warranty—if you apply for it. And there’s the dilemma. Builders know that most homeowners will let the warranty expire without taking advantage of it.

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Make sure your home is protected by calling the inspectors from Chester County Home Inspections. Schedule online now or call (484) 212-1600. In addition to Montgomery County, we also serve the counties of Philadelphia, Chester, Berks, and Delaware.

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