If you’re in the market to purchase a home, you know you’ll need a professional home inspection before the deal is done. However, sometimes a basic inspection isn’t enough. It’s a good idea to check into the extra inspections available to you. Many future homeowners don’t realize how many environmental dangers are lurking in homes and could pose a serious health risk. Fortunately, our team at Chester County Home Inspections offers a variety of environmental services so you can have peace of mind in your new Chester Springs, PA, home.

Environmental Services Available

We offer a wide variety of professional environmental assessment services that can test for various threats to your family and help you make informed decisions about the best course of action to take.
  • Radon Testing – Radon is an invisible and odorless radioactive gas that the EPA has identified as a risk factor for developing lung cancer. Radon comes from the radioactive decay of uranium and radium deposits in soil, rocks, and water. It enters into homes through cracks in walls, basements, and foundations. Our team uses state-of-the-art electronic monitors to produce a chart with the radon levels for the duration of the test. 
  • Water Quality TestingWater quality testing is recommended for homes with private or shared wells, and is often relied on to check for lead leaking out of plumbing in older homes that use city water.
  • Well Certification – A water well inspection is needed to certify that the well and equipment are in good working condition and can deliver the water needed to sustain a home. An inspection is always in the potential buyer’s favor because it’s costly to re-drill a well or replace the pump and equipment. 

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At Chester County Home Inspections, we encourage our clients to protect themselves and their families with our environmental services. We offer an assortment of inspection services that address the needs of both buyers and sellers. Schedule online now, or contact us at (484) 212-1600.